Bienvenue sur le blog de vivilproject (90% anglais :)
Welcome to the vivilproject blog (90% English, 10% French)

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[16 octobre 2010] Free VPN  : Lot of free VPN offers begins to be published, lot of them seems have no business-plans and seems to only exist to grab e-mails or passwords, i give you a big warning about this... i really smell bad behaviours from these offers :-(
[01 fevrier 2010] About GDRIVE security : GDRIVE offers a very low offer but what's about redudancy ??? no info about it :-( The only doc we can have is in GFS and explain data is copied in 3 servers... another doc for google explains data will be copied in 5 locations 2USA 2Europe 1Asia to increase speed but no date about it... i think we can stay on the three copy scheme but it can be on the same datacenter which is not the case of S3 or some others competitors... In 2006, google has destroyed 60 gmail accounts ^^
[01 fevrier 2010] Really no other GDRIVE killer competitors except SKYDRIVE with 25 GB : The offer prices are very low (IMHO even too low) but i'm surprised they are no others competitors as SKYDRIVE or others MOZY on this kind of market...
[15 janvier 2010] LIVEDRIVE review is done. Ejected !  : Too many abnormal GUI errors...

[15 janvier 2010] MYOTHERDRIVE online backup service review is published... since 2 weeks ;) : My review about this service is done.
[22 decembre 2009] DIINO online backup service review is published : My review about this service is just done.
[15 decembre 2009] I'm working on DIINO review... : The official URL is here (low traffic here as my twitter account)
[10 decembre 2009] I begin in a few day... : ;)
[09 decembre 2009] Cloud can help hackers : Cloud storages can help hackers to uncrypt datas for a low price
[05 juin 2009] Second et dernier test de logiciels RSS portables : Je teste des logiciels de flux RSS portables...
[19 janvier 2009] PAGERANKALERT (recevez une alerte mail quand votre PR change)
[19 janvier 2009] Bienvenue sur cette page WEB

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