BetaCD by Sébastien WILLEMIJNS (
This project is outdated but it still works well in 2012 ;)

Sorry doc is small and "hard to read", help me to improve it...

This CD has been build to easily detect DOS drivers for your external "PnP" hardware

It contains on one CD all well known used drivers and AUTOEXEC.BAT/CONFIG.SYS combinaison purposed on...





...and more and more...

This CD actually contains more than 20 "bootdisk" on it:
Choose 2 in the menu (1 is in fact the master bootdisk) and wait...
It doesn't works ? reboot and choose 3...
It doesn't works ? reboot and choose 4...
It doesn't works ? choose 5... and more and more...

1394/firewire and CD/DVD USB DOS driver are included on it but hasn't been tested because i have not hardware material for this
"X" and "Y" bootdisk contains more than 50 combinaisons to try yourself the driver...

I'm actually working to read a 128Mo USB Pen drive, FYI recent BIOS motherboard can read it

(on test) "1" bootdisk permet you to have the original the well known original WIN98SE bootdisk go to the CDROM root and type yourself all combinaisons as "DEVLOAD.COM USBCD.SYS / GUEST.EXE" , "DEVLOAD.COM ASPI1394.SYS / DEVLOAD.COM NJ32DISK.SYS" and more and more...

The BetaCD is available on
beta2 (with CD/DVD & pen drivers) will be available soon here

Please help me to build this document ;) give your comments or suggestions (please write "usbdosboot" in the subject line)

Before starting:

1) Check if your USB hard disk is detected on Windows before trying with this CD !!!
some old computers "made before 2000" have internal USB controllers disabled by default :-(

2) Your PC must boot on a CD at startup

3) UNPLUG ALL other USB peripherical except your USB hard disk of course !!!

4) you must reboot every time to test all configuration, we can not automatize because bad driver almost crash computers... you will love CONTROL-ALT-DEL keys ;)
5) I have added the detection of your USB drive...
instead of manually type "dir d:","dir e:","dir f:" and more and more... i have asked on every AUTOEXEC.BAT to find a sample file on your USB peripherical named "" and pause if this file is detected...

... so you must create under windows in the root of the USB peripherical a small file named "" (even a 0 byte empty file !)

Directory of this CD (for keyword google search ;)

ASPIEHCI SYS 52106 28/05/03 18:53
ASPIEHCJ SYS 49772 27/09/02 10:41
ASPIOHCI SYS 49242 14/08/02 15:03
ASPIUHCI SYS 50606 14/08/02 15:03
DI1000DD SYS 16368 17/09/03 16:19
DUSE44 EXE 107191 20/09/02 16:28
DUSELDR COM 1989 20/09/02 16:28
DUSEUS~1 PDF 132096 10/10/02 9:55
GUEST EXE 32396 14/08/02 15:03
RAMFD100 SYS 22012 25/05/01 1:00
RAMFD110 SYS 22070 11/11/02 17:01
README ENG 3173 04/01/06 18:44
USBASPI SYS 37903 26/11/02 18:06
USBASPI1 SYS 39093 26/10/03 9:15
USBASPI2 SYS 43528 19/12/02 4:33
USBASPI3 SYS 37090 18/12/02 18:23
USBASPI4 SYS 49242 18/09/03 16:32
USBASPI5 SYS 50606 18/09/03 16:32
USBCD SYS 5509 11/11/02 17:00
USBCD1 SYS 5509 11/11/02 9:00
USBCD2 SYS 35456 25/08/00 20:01
GO BAT 51 27/12/05 15:45
DUSEGE~1 PDF 80896 10/10/02 9:55
DUSE49 EXE 109007 17/03/03 17:52
BOOTDI~1 HTM 11979 04/01/06 18:42
NJ32DISK SYS 15808 03/04/02 1:06
SBP2ASPI SYS 28836 25/12/02 10:28
ASPI1394 SYS 47826 07/08/02 17:09
ADDEV COM 1441 29/12/05 11:47
DELDEV COM 1591 29/12/05 11:47
DEVICE COM 3502 29/12/05 11:47
DEVICE DOC 11608 29/12/05 11:47
DEVLOAD COM 2113 29/12/05 11:48
DRVINST EXE 6354 29/12/05 11:48
DRVLOAD COM 2492 29/12/05 11:48
DRVPOP EXE 4860 29/12/05 11:48
LOADSYS DOC 135845 29/12/05 11:48
LOADSYS EXE 66032 29/12/05 11:48

How to use it ?

it is not 100% automatic ;)

First, create under windows or linux bootcd a file named "" in the root of your USB hardisk

[1] Boot on the CD

[2] Choose "1" in the menu

[3] Wait and see...

3a] If you have the prompt, it is not the good bootdisk so go to [4]
3b] This CD pause itself at "if exist x:\ pause", good ! the USB drive has been detected !!! note the letter or the number you have used to launch the CD and go to my web page to download the IMG file
3c] If you have no result after 5 minutes, it is not the good bootdisk so go to [4]
3d] Sometimes, you can see "Abort, Retry, Fail" (*): Always choose Abort and go again to [3]

[4] Sorry but you must reboot, choose CTRL-ALT-DEL keyboard in the same time to reboot computer...

After the reboot, go to [2] and now choose "2" menu instead of "1"
FYI, if you must reboot next time, you must choose "3" in the menu
if you must reboot next time, you will choose "3", "4" ... "8", "9", "A" , "B" .... until Y"

(in other words, you can can have 9 + 25 = 34 virtual bootdisk to try named 2→9 and A →Y, Z is the master bootdisk... do not forget this CD is in beta and some bootdisk hasn't be created)

Some informations (read at Google:)

FYI nj32disk.sys or di1000di.sys or guest.exe are the same thing ;)

(firewire) On some PC's there may be a "A20 Gate" Problem in the upper memory, when using the firewire driver. Adding the HIMEM command (1/17/03) addresses this. Add all entries in the order shown.


Q: I want to connect two or more USB external, how to do this ?
A: Do not use same "plug bay"... plug first USB on front USB bay and the otherin rear USB bay or buy a new external USB controller card

Q: I want to test myself my own combinaison !
A: No problem, "number 1 bootdisk is for you: it contains on his root CD all drivers and a lot of commandline driver (.SYS) loaders to load without modification

Q: These drivers are not optimized in memory
A: Yes, i know. it is not the purpose the this CD (driver must works before ;) I let you to "play" yourself with UMB, EMM386.EXE and another HIMEM.SYS (not included on every bootdisk except master bootdisk)

Q: How to have a bootdisk in my own CD without test files ?
A: Please contact me...

What's New on CDbeta2 ?
firewire & CD/DVD drivers has been builded

(*) i think it is because MSCDEX is loaded but i'm not sure, i will try to unload it next version...