Derniere MAJ: December 2014

Mes radios préférés

ROCFM La radio des gens du nord... de la France ;)     (flux 1)  (flux 2)
La radio ZI-ONE (tous les tubes des années 80 à nos jours)     (Le flux direct de ZI-ONE)
ContactPlus Belgique (plutôt années 60 et 70)     (Le flux direct de ContactPlus)
Alouette ON LINE
Radio FG
HAPPY FM (cliquez sur "LISTEN")

Liste de webradios:




Liste des webradios fermées suite aux conditions ou/et tarifs inadaptés de la SACEM et la SCCP à des bénévoles:

Inutile de vous dire que la liste ne va que s'allonger:

Les liens radios à avoir sur le coude:


Les radios SHOUCAST/ICECAST (shoutcast 904) Top Hits (shoutcast 1963) 80's (shoutcast 4195)
HI-NRG (shoutcast 3265)
RNB (shoutcast 3472) (shoutcast 7429)
CLUB 977 (shoutcast 8107)
RMGX RADIO (shoutcast 8958) (shoutcast 9182)
CLUB 977 TOP40 (shoutcast 9437)
Magic Radio (shoutcast 9456)
ROCK CHICKS RADIO (shoutcast 529622)
Virgin Radio (shoutcast 304758) (shoutcast 965014)
??? (shoutcast 352474)
??? (shoutcast 135188)

Les radios LIVE365:

LIVE365 (virer régulièrement les cookies pour éviter de s'enregistrer (même gratuitement) au service...)
LIVE 365 (gary3371)
LIVE 365 (302064)
LIVE 365 (heath_yam)
LIVE 365 (mixx247)

Les radios qui coupent les musiques :-(

Frequence 3 (shoutcast 8224)

Diverses radios:

une radio 100% funk

Les radios tres tres... speciales...

Fan de Carlos, d'Annie Cordy, de Sim ou de (je cite) "Bebert le hamburger" ?

Les radios thématiques:

RADIONOMY Créez et écoutez votre radio à la carte !
SPREAKER Créez et écoutez votre radio à la carte !
SPREAKER Créez et écoutez votre radio à la carte !

Un gros poste de radio en ligne:

Les radios en cours de test:

meyrinfm radio
onefm geneve
T-ONE (musique electro)
PARIS-ONE (musique electro)
TENDANCE-RADIO (100% techno ?)
DREAMSOUND-RADIO (trance techno)

Les playlists (derniers disques passes sur l'antenne):

La playlist de FG la DJ Radio (MSIE exclusif pas FIREFOX) "Radio FG Live" puis "Tracklisting FG DJ RADIO"
La meme playlist mais en format texte

Creer sa WEBRADIO (attentio aux droits d'auteurs a la SACEM !!!)
Creer sa WEBRADIO facon P2P ("t'ecoutes mais tu partages ta bande passante" donc le nombre d'auditeurs est illimite...

Best music to listen to...

AUDIOMIXER From Langomas is a very Beautiful DJ table !!!
ULTRAMIXER / Free DJ table

Listen to Webradio without computer...

KiSS Networked DVD Players [Only her shoucast weblist to listen :-(]
The hack to bypass with with last 2.8.0 firmware
The DNX-8620 (only a fixed weblist grrrrr....)
The APX-300 from TRANSGEAR (available in april 2006) i hope it will be a good product)
I check this DVD buyer if it sell product i want
Same as precedent (down when i read this site...)
Same as precedent.
Same as precedent.

Listen to specific video and audio formats for free:


Listen to specific video and audio formats:

MAX-TV list Webradios and WebTV
PEERTV (same as precedent.)
WIN TV Pro (same as precedent.)
JLC Internet TV (same as precedent.)
ADSLTV.ORG (same as precedent.)

Record stream Radios / TV / Webradio / Webcam on the net:

Some great informations about video and audio streaming"

*** WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER: His content extensions are WMA, WMV and ASF,
His streaming protocol is "mms://" "mmsu://" or "mmst://"

the official stream test site from realplayer

*** QUICKTIME: His content extensions are MOV and QT,
His streaming protocol is "rtsp://"
Some official quicktime movie

- These softwares to capture all audio streams:
- The shareware "total recorder" which uses a special sound driver
- (ok for windows 7) ATTENTION1: la version JAVA est OK sinon pour la version desktop lire: ATTENTION2: bien pomper le logiciel desktop "free-audio-recorder.exe" ( et pas un "streaming-audio-recorder.exe" qui elle est payante... par contre je suis pass‚ par softpedia pour la trouver cette version ( - ?
- TTFA Sound Recorder (WebUI can crash but the file can be recorded)
- (not tested)

Three methods to easy capture real stream radio URL (asx, asf, ram and more and more...),

1) Do a right-click with FIREFOX on "PLAY" button and choose "View page Info" and "Media" and i hope you will find the good link in the line which contains type named "Embeded" ;)

If you view in the end of the menu the name "Properties" instead of "View page info" Try again because you can only obtain an image link instead of the media link so you must right-clicking on every pixel (!) YOU THINK where is the media frame border to find the border itself and not the image (I know i know it is very hard... generally i find the famous border with about 30 right-click only ;)

2) Use URL2FILE and type the command...
... in a MS-DOS BOX

3) If you are a network specialist, use a TCP sniffer and check "://" characters (as "mms://" "pmn://" "rtsp://") in the hundred or thounsand lines of results lines sic !

STREAMRIPPER is a free SHOUTCAST stream audio recorder (only one record in the same time)
Same as precedent for STATIONRIPPER (2 radios in the same time for unregistered software)
WARNING ! To record any radio stream, you must in the majority of cases force "USER-AGENT" to "WinampMPEG/5.0" value (or equivalent) and only using "direct URL" as ""...
To listen to the radio you stream, you can open with Winamp (or compliant software) the URL named ""
HINET RECORDER is a free WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER stream audio recorder (only one record in the same time)
WARNING ! This recorder prefers "mms://" links instead of "http://" links...
XMPLAY is a small and good recorder/player who can listen/recorder OGG stream (and shoutcast/icecast2/live365/asx)

Others softwares:
The famous "StreamBox VCR" who has been forbidden by "Real Media" :-)
STOIK converts Windows media player videos to AVI

MPLAYER, the best WIN32/LINUX command line player...
SMPLAYER, Same as precedent.
NMC PLAYER, Same as precedent.
MPUI, Same as precedent.
MPLAY, Same as precedent.
SMPLAYER, Same as precedent.
SMPLAYER, Same as precedent.
SMPLAYER, Same as precedent.
To use MPLAYER without error, download file begining by "windows-all" in and unzip content in "CODECS" directory Note if "pmn://" doesn't works, you can try to change URL beginning by to "rtsp://" ;)
Audio reading example: "mplayer.exe mms://"
Audio capture example: "mplayer.exe mms:// -ao pcm"
=> Records file is a ".wav" extension
Video reading example: "mplayer.exe rtsp://(...).rm -vo gl2"
if you have video troubles, try "-vo directx:noaccel"
Video capture example: "mplayer.exe rtsp://(...).rm -vo gl2 -dumpstream"
Audio capture from video: Capture video in a file and try "mplayer.exe stream~1.asf -ao pcm -novideo" => Records video with a ".dump" extension by default, change this to real extension (either WMV, ASF, RA, RAM, MOV or QT)
=> I haven't tested yet a X Go stream file ;) WARNING: FAT32 is limited to 4 Go

When you want to record audio streams, the better and easiest order is:
1) If you can listen to with Winamp and output format is MP3, You can use "Station Ripper" or "Stream Recorder" else... 2) If you can listen to with Winamp and output format is OGG, You can use "XMPLAY" else... 3) If you can listen to with Windows Media Player, You can use "HiNet Recorder" or "SDP" else... 4) If you can listen to with Real Player, You can use "REALTIME CONVERTER" or "StreamBox VCR".

Some samples streams (used for my tests):


A Quicktime file test
A Quicktime file test
a .MOV example

A lot of files
WAX example (windows Media Player audio)
sample ASF file
Same as precedent
Same as precedent
A .QT sample
A WMV file test
Same as precedent
Same as precedent

DJ / radio softwares:

DJPLAY for linux (not tested)

How to hack DRM / crack DRM 100% LEGALLY:

(not tested) Burn a CD with WMP built-in software and rip tracks in wav with cdex or equivalent
In Windows Media Player, Click on the "Tools" tab at the top of the screen
From the Tools Tab, Click on the "Copy Music" Tab
From the Copy Music Screen, make sure that the box next to "Copy Protect Music" is not checked.
* list of DRM players: Sonique, MusicMatch and many more...

Stream Rippers in test (in 2012):
(untested) (no scheduling)

your suggestions and comments interest me !
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