Q: Every services i have choosen are closed, i have lost my data forever ! i hate you !
A: You're not lucky, i repeat again and again and again and again lot of services are unstable or can change its ToS without inform you (and me) sic ! Next time i hope you will pay a professionnal service or your own dedicated server / VPS.

Q: Why your FAQ(s) are ugly ?
A: I prefer wasting my time to update documents instead of graphic shemes...

Q: Why you list too many services ? It is really annoying !
A: Because small services *can* be better than big services... I believe that bad-businessplan/unstable services will not stay forever on my list(s) but i totally agree they are too many services which are a "carbon copy" of another service(s) and does not bring news things for users :-X

Q: The service that i just subscribed does not correspond to your desc, i'm not happy !
A: I try to update my documents "on the fly" thanks to several dozens of NEWSLETTERS/RSS/TWITTER/FACEBOOK checks but i'm not prefect and can not check hundreds of links as my website owner colleagues with the revenues i earn with these webpages ! You can be sure than some documents can be all updated/checked more frequently thanks to you (r h€£p$ ^^).


Q: I'm not agree with your bad comment about my site ! I will immediatly call my lawyer and blahblahblahblahblah...
A: Are you very furious ? It is generally i have REALLY wasted my time with you...
Of course, nobody is perfect and i can do an technical error... (i think to WATCHOUR monitoring service in one of my publication) but it's a pity than too many services forget his customer relations, as quicky reply to comments or bug reports: I can see since November 2008 my complains comments are checked by competitive monitoring peoples but it is also services which has never answered to my mails and prefering to pay for "last resort solutions" sic !

Q: Why you spoken of my "ToS" ?
A: Because one of your competitor well remembered me than i must read ToS ;)

Q: Do you accept partnerships ?
A: I'm only open to win-win offer(s) so do not waste our time to unfair deal(s) as poorly affiliations, "PR 0" link exchange and more and more...

Q: Why you take now a lot of times to add me on the tables you create ?
A: Lot of prehistoric services decrease her offers or disappears in 2010 due to recession. Why a new service created X months ago (and which is in 90% of cases a copy of another excepting the GUI) will not obtain the same destiny as these older competitors ?

Q: Why you refuse resellers ?
A: No interest except if you do lower long-time price than the main service.

Q: Why i ask you a press account forever ?
A: To avoid the fact to receive a unfair high QoS service during my tests.
it is annoying, as some services i have already tested, to write a """Wonderland review""" when the reality differs for classical end-users sic!

Q: We are in March 2010, you eject me from your table but my service cost 49$ as required by you !
A: In your case, you forget to say me than the same product costs 49 euros for UE users...). The 31th March 2010, 1 $ = 0,74 euros and this value since 12 months has NEVER approached the "1$=0.85€" !

Q: We are in May 2010, why you eject me from your table ?
A: One of the free offer of a webpage changes checker i use has been decreased so i can not now follow more ToS changes than before...

Q: I wroten you X weeks before, why my service is still not in your document ?
A: I can be on holidays, sick or ill, my PC or ISP can be down no ?


 UE 2011 law force EU webmasters to indicate cookies presence. At the date of 3/30/2015, only dynip.php webpage have a cookie webpage but i decided to install the warning message on all my scripted webpages which is out of my control to be quiet and think to something else...

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